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Free workshops, kid’s crafts, readers, healers and entertainment. Live ceremonies and demonstrations. Artisans and shops from around Phoenix with a wide variety of gifts and treasures. Have fun learning about the local Pagan community. Food trucks on site.

Phoenix Pagan Pride Day is a 501c3 entity.


Saturday, November 5, 2022
9:00am to 5:00pm

Steele Indian School Park, 

Circle of Life


Donations of non-perishable food items and clothing will be accepted on behalf of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona.

Why Support the Pagan Pride Project?

Through education, activism, charity and community, the project promotes tolerance and understanding between people with different belief systems. If you are a Pagan, the project can help you find pride and confidence in your path. If you are not a Pagan, the project can help you understand your Pagan friends, coworkers, and family members.



9:00 AM
Morning Ritual

Midday Ritual 

4:00 PM
Afternoon Ritual


Information for vendors and  booths will be available once the local organizing committee has finalized details for this year's event.

  • Artistic Mystic Finds & Tanjas Natural Majick

  • AZ Alchemy

  • AZ Serenity Stones & Rock Hounds Jewelry

  • Celtic Raven Studios

  • Charmed Soap Company

  • Collective Alchemies

  • Crimson Sage Apothecary

  • Crystal Intuition AZ

  • Discount Dragon

  • Dorkish Designs

  • Enchanted Botanicals

  • Faerie Findings

  • Fantasia Crystals

  • Green Witch Creations

  • Gypsypie Design House

  • Hot Planet Enterprises

  • Kasey Smith - Author

  • Katie Shell / Essential Journeying

  • Kindred Dragons Emporium

  • Lapis Lazuli Oasis - O.T.O.

  • Leavitt & Asher

  • Majestic Mystics LLC

  • Marsha Hedrick

  • Meegessentials

  • Modern Mythos

  • Moebius Enterprises LLC

  • Mom's Magickal Ways

  • Moon Goddess Market

  • Moon Majick Studio

  • Moonshade Haven

  • Mountain Rose Traveling Emporium

  • Natural Minx

  • Noble Root Herbs

  • Oh My Spiritual Creations

  • Paige Moreno, Tarot

  • Pale Tail Visions

  • Selena Corin

  • Society of Creative Anachronism

  • The Astrology Store

  • The Mystic Port Shop

  • The Witch of Night Owl Lane

  • Thrasher Crafts

  • UnObtanium Bazaar

  • Valeria Ruelas, The Mexican Witch

  • Wax Witch Trading Post

  • Willow Moon Consulting

  • Windows by Anderson

  • Woodland Wanderland


The Spirit room is where you can get a reading or healing of one of several different modalities, from Tarot, Palmistry, Reiki, crystal sound healings, etc.

These volunteers are donating 2 hours of their time to share their gifts with you, and although there is no charge, gratuities are appreciated.

10:00 AM - Noon
Tent 1: Terre Steed - Tarot
Tent 2: Danne Len Cole - Tarot/Oracle
Tent 3: Renee Damoiselle - Tarot/Oracle
Tent 4: Matthew Parsons - Qigong/Reiki
Tent 5: Keely Meta - Hypnoki

Noon - 2:00 PM
Tent 1:
Tent 2: Mallory Wissing - Toe Readings
Tent 3: Lisa Potter - Toe Readings
Tent 4Cindy Greene - Reiki/Sound Bath/Limpia
Tent 5Alyssa Decker - Reiki/Chakra Cleansings

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Tent 1: Rowan Beltran - Tarot
Tent 2: Noreen Thompson - Tarot
Tent 3: Gabi Inez - Tarot
Tent 4Erica Esquibel - Reiki
Tent 5Courtney Bulkley - Reiki

About Phoenix Pagan Pride

The Phoenix area has a diverse pagan and metaphysical community going back decades.

In Memoriam

Celebrating members of the Phoenix pagan community that have transitioned to the spirit world.